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      Base Module

      AtNEST is a powerful automatic nesting core module

      AtNEST can provide accurate and automatic real shape nesting solutions for various industries such as sheet metal, wood, leather and equipment manufacturing. It stands out in CNC nesting field.

      Functions of base module:

      1.Specify nesting corner and nesting direction for each sheet according to the demand.

      2.The starting angle of nesting can be set for the plate, and the nesting direction and scanning interval are preferred.

      3.Parts can be embedded into a non-rectangular sheet, which can contain a number of holes.

      4.In a single run, AtNEST can nest many sheets having different sizes and shapes.

      5. AtNEST supports incremental nesting which to nest some parts first, and then add some parts to continue the nesting.

      6. Tool compensation can be added for each part and then nesting can be made.

      7. No restriction on the geometric complexity of parts and sheets.

      8. Priority nesting can be set for parts. There are 10 levels from 0 to 9, 0 is first to nest, 9 is last to nest. The same grade can be sorted by user.

      9.The user can specify the rotation angle of the part to control the rotation of the part. The smaller the angle set, the longer the nesting time.

      10. Grain direction control for part and sheet.

      11.The net area, outer contour area, circumference, the width and height of enveloping rectangular can be arranged  among the same input grade parts.

      12. The inner holes of the parts whether can be nested can be selected.

      13. Leads and other details can be added to the part to affect the nesting results.

      14. Parts and sheets can be added in the operation.

      15. Support parts automatic combination. The user can set the automatic combination of parts, and the software will automatically combine the parts into the smallest shape close to the rectangle before nesting.


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