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Industrial automation customization program design

Project Description:

This project adopts an automatic way to complete the accurate measurement and  loading and unloading of production process of carbon nanotubes. This scheme is intended to complete the whole operation by using self-made 5-axis manipulator with automatic opening and closing door, grating sensor and proximity switch, and the whole process is completed by sequential action controlled by PLC.

The whole project works through signal correlation control to achieve the goal of automatic work without manual work which improve the reliability and security of the whole equipment.

The mechanical quantitative feeding can be more accurate than manual feeding. Working strictly in accordance with the process and time, the manipulator can control the heating time more accurately, so as to obtain higher quality products. At the same time, improve the product quality, and can maintain this quality throughout the production process.

A sketch of the entire workstation

Through this whole set of machine conveyor, manipulator and automatic door to cooperate the work to replace the human to undertake the simple, repetitive, boring work.

Automatic conveyor can control the amount of feeding more accurately instead of manual feeding mode

Fully automated production increases the productivity and won’t disrupt production when operators leave.

When feeding, the mobile manipulator can spread the material evenly to the bottom of the box. So that the powder can be more fully contact with gas.

Accurate heating time and temperature control can ensure consistent quality of products.

At the same time, personnel can leave the dangerous working area in the production process, monitor the working condition of the equipment of camera, and remotely control the work of the equipment, which improve the security of the production process. 

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