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RobotCutMaster section bar nesting cutting

The description of the software function and characteristics 

This software is used for ABB robot section bar nesting cutting. It can recognize 3d model automatically and generate the operation code recognized by ABB robot by geometrically analyzing the model.

This software is divided into two parts, one is to generate the basic trajectory code on RobotStudio for designers to use. The other part is for production personnel to use, mainly for the production and operation management.

The features of the software

1、The first part of this software is integrated in RobotStudio for designers to generate simulated cutting trajectory. Only need to import the 3D model. The software can generate the cutting trajectory automatically and divide the primitive section automatically.

2、The software can calculate the groove angle automatically of all kinds of cutting and holes on section bar as well as the groove of the ends, and adjust the posture of the gun to achieve the cutting purpose. 

3, When the simulated cutting trajectory meets the requirements of process parameters, the end will realize multiple cutting automatically. The cutting trajectory planning of section bar is realized according to the cutting process.

4, Safe point position and posture of the trajectory generation can be adjusted according to the actual needs which need to meet the security transition point requirement.

5, The user can change the current speed table to adjust the speed parameters of the actual cutting.

6, A key to generate the ARCL instruction and Mod file to facilitate customer to actual cut.

7, PC supports the import of mod files, layout automatically, calculate the distance of primitives, input the distance of primitives to PLC, and monitor production status of parts.

8, PC uses Access database to realize the management of primitives (MOD file), and to repeatly use the primitive. the user can combinate workpieces and nest according to the actual needs.

9, The PC interact with the robot. Trajectory can be detected by PC after each cutting of the robot.

PC terminal and interactive robot, each robot after cutting PC end can detect path

The expandability of the software is strong. This software is a completely independent intellectual property product. Our company has all the core technology and source code of this software. If the user has special requirements, we can customize the development according to the user's requirements.

Disclaimer Statement

This software can provide the generation trajectory for ABB robot, but this software does not guarantee that correct ABB robot code can be generated in any case.

Before using ABB robot code for actual cutting, users should conduct relevant verification such as simulated cutting, and have the  responsibilities such as checking and verifying whether the generated ABB robot code is correct and whether it collides. Our company shall not be liable for any problems or any consequences arising out of improper operation or failure to fulfill the inspection and verification responsibilities of users.

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