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FreeWeld welding industrial robot programming

FreeWeld welding robot off-line programming software

The major function:

Automatic extraction of the path: Generate the welding path by selecting the workpieces to be welded.

multiple-model adaptation: The welding path is extracted according to the selected model features, and the workpieces model can be changed arbitrarily.

Intelligent matching parameters: Automatically match the welding parameters in the database according to the shape of welding line and the model data of the workpiece.

Demonstration of the simple operation:

1, create a workstation

Set up the simulation workstation according to the location of the actual field environment, and adjust workpiece position and set workpiece coordinate system.

2, select the generating path of workpiece 

Select welding parts, generate welding paths, and modify the paths according to the guidelines of operation interface, such as sorting, parameter selection

3, confirm and adjust the path

The confirmation of each generated path, and adjusted each path according to the need, and complete the path generation finally.

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