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TEKLAPIPE pipe truss cutting software

The function of this software is to directly turn the pipe truss model built by users under TEKLA Structor into cutting code for the production. This software can directly select the steel pipe model to be cut from TEKLA Structor(the steel pipe model needs to be trimmed under TEKLA before selection). The software automatically reads in various information about the steel pipe model. Such as outside diameter,thickness, name, ID number, material, remarks and other information. The model information of the pipe parts is also extracted synchronously for analysis and processing to meet the requirements of cutting.

Because models of TEKLA are very rough, some details cannot meet the requirements of cutting.Our company makes special processing with professional experience on the cutting line,which makes the model smooth and without distortion.The sharp place is sharper, and the smooth place is smoother.

The software provides a variety of groove options and supports AWS standard welding grooves. The groove calculated by the special algorithm can make the pipe parts have better welding effect and make the NDT inspection pass rate of the welding seam higher.

1、 modules: Graphic import function

Function Description: It can read the data of 3d pipe parts of TEKLA software directly and extract the 3d graphics parameters and installation parameters for layout and programming cutting. All information except groove information can be read from the 3d model. The user does not need to re-input the pipe information

2、 module: groove parameter function

Function Description: The user can input the groove information of each hole and can set different default groove according to pipe wall thickness. The software can generate most pipe groove information automatically. Users only need to modify the groove information of individual special pipes.

3 、modules: automatic layout

Function Description: It can automatically grouping layout and come out statistical results according to the material, diameter, thickness. 

4、 modules: automatic programming

Function Description: It can generate the cutting code for all the imported pipes at once which compatible with customer's different cutting machines. The names of the generated code are installation and location numbers

5、 Groove opening on the groove can generate groove and holes of opening groove. The user does not have to do secondary machining after NC cutting.

6 、 Parts installation information and location information can be traced back to  facilitate the user to find out what needs to be installed from the finished pipe parts. 

7、 The function of pipe opening in custom position can read the opening information on the pipe automatically and can add groove information to regenerate G code. Please refer to the groove opening function.

8、 It adopts unique algorithm to improve machining precision which eliminates the surface bulge, virtual cut and other problems due to the low TEKLA software model precision.

No fitting and elimination

The effect of fitting and eliminate

9, The nesting results can be automatically generated into various G code files for cutting in different NC cutting machines.

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