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FreePIPE intersecting line software


The function of FreePIPE software is to generate the pipe cutting code according to each node of the pipe part inputted by the user.

Used in NC pipe cutting machine for pipe material cutting, suitable for steel structure, pressure vessel, pipe processing and other industries.

The full range of pipe joints

This software contains a variety of commonly used pipe joints. Such as tube and tube, pipe and plate, pipe and elbow, pipe and polygon and tube ball, and perforated pipe, branch the pipe, cut pattern on the pipe and other kinds commonly used pipe cutting and trepanning. If users have special requirements, we can increase the corresponding node type accordingly.

Tube parts nesting automatically

This software can set the pipe parts built by users (including two abscissions) automatically to the same specifications and material of the raw pipe material, and the software will automatically rotate pipe nodes correspondingly to link together to save raw materials.

Generate Multi format code 

The software can generate the corresponding cutting code according to the configuration file written by the user to adapt to different control systems and cutting machine Settings.

The simulation of dynamic cutting function of the software

The software can return the G code generated by the user to the pipe part and simulate the movement. The user can see the actual movement of the cutting gun in the code.

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