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Leather nesting software

This software is for fabric processing of projector. The user can import the Dxf and the Plt file into the software, and the graphics will be displayed in the screen. Manual samples layout according to the calibrated position to adjust material.

Support the import and export of Dxf and Plt files.

Support 1 to 8 projectors on sample projection. Quick calibration of projectors by moving point coordinates, and the calibration error is 0-1mm.

Sample can fill and has the function of accurate movement and rotation. Drag the sample with the function of adjust which can automatically attached to the top of the grid vertex and easy to nest.

It has the function of select all and copy. And samples can be stored as a list of parts. Users can add individual components through the drag. 

The background color, grid color, sample color are adjustable to prevent the high-gloss cloth doesn't show clearly. And the grid can manually add the label and modify any distance.

The pen number of the generated file can be set.

The projector is turned on by default as well as be sequenced 

1 modules: Import and export of the graphics.

Function: Dxf and Plt files can be imported directly.

2 modules: Sample operation

Function Description: Samples can be dragged (including accurate movement) 、deleted、rotated. When moving the sample, the sample can automatically attach, fill, undo, copy and select all the mesh vertices. Samples can be stored as parts.

3 modules: projector calibration

Function Description: Distortion of the projected image due to the problem of projector installation and optical distortion can be quickly calibrated by moving the calibration point.

4 modules: Grid lines and colors

Function: The grid line can be labeled, and the distance of grid line can be set separately, or the grid line distance can be set as a whole.

To prevent the distortion by projector calibration

To prevent the distortion by projector calibration

Sample filling

The parts list


Rotation diagram


Precise translation rendering

Line thicknesses

Diagram of the thickness of the line

Sample color

Click "print colors" button to select the color, click OK to end the selection. When the Plt file imported again, the color changes to the desired color.

Diagram of the sample color

Grid line color

Click the "grid line colors" button, select the color, click OK to end the selection, the color of the grid lines will change into the required color.

Diagram of the grid line color

Diagram of X direction T calibration

Diagram of Y direction T calibration

Real images:



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