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NESTWIN Automatic Nesting Software?

NESTWIN Software

NESTWIN is a automatic nesting software developed by Nantong Aite Software for CNC sheet metal processing which is completely independent research and development. This software has the advantages of simple operation, core advanced automatic nesting, high ability of graphics processing etc.. It can be used in industrial enterprises with large amount of sheet materials, which can significantly improve the utilization and reduce the nesting time.

Similar to AUTOCAD graphics interface

This software uses drawing and editing interface like AUTOCAD, which is flexible and convenient for users to operate without special training. 

A variety of graphics file format of import and export file are supported by the software

The software supports DXF, PLT, CAM and G code format. It is convenient for users to interact with CAD and other CAM software.

Powerful graphics processing ability

This software can import large graphics for processing to achieve the ability to process complex crafts on the cutting machine.

Some complex individual graphics can be offset (slot compensation).

The spline curve can be processed quickly. It can be fitted with arc and straight line according to a certain precision to meet the requirements of CNC processing.


Open complex graphics
Adding process

Powerful fully autonomous automatic nesting core

This software uses the powerful automatic nesting core developed by the company for many years, which reaches the most advanced core nesting level in the world. It can arrange the true shape parts into the irregular and rectangular sheet with high utilization and efficiency. The efficiency and speed of the nesting are independent of the complexity of the parts. The utilization and production efficiency of the sheet are improved.

The automatic nesting core can also be used in various industries (such as leather processing, wood processing, material processing, etc.) which increase the utilization of materials and reduce the nesting time.

Nesting on the rectangular sheet
Nesting on the irregular rectangular sheet

Output of multi format code

The user is free to format the output code according to the code style of the existing cutter.

The function of Dynamic Simulation processing 

The user can return the generated G code to the graph and process the module to check the correctness of the code before processing.

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