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Nantong Aite software company mainly engaged in various CAM software developments and industrial automation customized development services, etc.. The self-developed automatic layout engine core of the company has reached the world advanced nesting software level in the speed and effect of layout. Applications of main products, such as: NC steel sheet cutting (flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, etc.). In addition, our nesting engine is also widely used in the fields of leather layout, glass cutting, woodworking cutting, foam cutting, etc.. We also have a good market share in the 3d cutting field. Series of pipe intersecting line cutting software is widely used in steel structure, pipe truss engineering and other manufacturing industries. We can also develop customized services for industrial enterprises. Such as shipbuilding industry, marine machinery industry, industrial robot off-line programming software, pressure vessels, boilers, construction and other related industries.

Our company has strong innovation ability and independent research and development ability. The product core is basically autonomous development. The company has passed software enterprise certification, high-tech enterprise certification and science and technology certification. Our company has a number of software product copyright and a number of invention patents. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and cooperation, we give our partners the greatest support, and has good reputation in the industry. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

Making industry faster, more economical and more intelligent

Independent research and development

Efficient nesting engine

True shape  Rapid layout

Sheet utilization increases by 5% to 10%

Our advantages

proprietary intellectual property rights

Experience in CAM software for many years

Professional R & D team

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Add: Haoying International Energy Center, No. 388, Yongxing Avenue, Gangzha

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